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Revision History: File created on 26 Aug 2010.

The DaSystem class is found in the module dasystem, or in a specific implementation under the da/ source tree. It is derived from the standard python dictionary object.

It describes the details of the data assimilation system used (i.e., CarbonTracker, or CT Methane, or ....)

datadir         : /Volumes/Storage/CO2/carbontracker/input/ct08/   ! The directory where input data is found
obs.input.dir   : ${datadir}/obsnc/with_fillvalue                  ! the observation input dir
obs.input.fname :                                  ! the observation input file
ocn.covariance  : ${datadir}/oif_p3_era40.dpco2.2000.01.hdf        ! the ocean flux covariance file
bio.covariance  : ${datadir}/             ! the biosphere flux covariance file
deltaco2.prefix : oif_p3_era40.dpco2                               ! the type of ocean product used
regtype         : olson19_oif30                                    ! the ecoregion definitions
nparameters     : 240                                              ! the number of parameters to solve for
random.seed     : 4385                                             ! the random seed for the first cycle
regionsfile     : transcom_olson19_oif30.hdf                       ! the ecoregion defintion mask file

! Info on the sites file used

obs.sites.rc        : ${datadir}/sites_and_weights_co2.ct10.rc     ! the weights in the covariance matric of each obs

The full baseclass description:

class da.baseclasses.dasystem.DaSystem(rcfilename)

Information on the data assimilation system used. This is normally an rc-file with settings.


Initialize the object


This method loads a DA System Info rc-file with settings for this simulation


Validate the contents of the rc-file given a dictionary of required keys